Olá, mundo!
Olá, mundo!

Olá, mundo!

old Guzpido music with GNU/Linux

made mostly with LMMS and Renoise tracker2023

Sugar, Sugar(The Archies by Guzpido)

La Bicicleta(Shakira Isabel by Guzpido)

VESPERTIM(by Guzpido ©2024 made with GNU/Linux and Renoise )

Past time Paradise(Stevie Wonder by Guzpido)

Lake of GOOSES(Tchaikosvky by Guzpido)

Super Mario Theme(Nintendo by Guzpido)

To Far Away Times(Chrono Trigger ending theme by Guzpido)

Breakfast at Tiffany(DEEP BLUE (Something) by Guzpido)

Sealed with a Kiss(Peter Udell by Guzpido)

Hang on Sloopy(The McCoys by Guzpido)

Ronda alla Turca(MOZART by Guzpido ©2024)

MOONLIGHT SONATA (1)(Ludwig Van cover by Guzpido)

TUDO V – © 2016
©2018 para Nunila Katz

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