USE ARROWS to move camera, ENTER is useful to center. SPACEBAR toggles autozoom IN;
PRESS shift + SELECT anything with mouse, then press “K”
it dizimates object in a green mojo
! -> 0B version
on the way, , , PRESS TAB + click anywhere free on map, you SELECT ALL ANIMALS at once!

Use SHIFT when you want to select plants also, or select/deselect individual objects.

You can drag anything on map, just by pressing button and dragging;
* click top of screen to DRY water, click a little below on top of screen to make rain. It should be the bottom of lightning circle and top of lightining circle.
* Press “T” to toggle autorain;
* zoom in/out are on bottom left corner of screen.

INSERT and DELETE keys gives HP/kills object.

All selected units show with red transparent dot. Press “K” will automatically distintegrate them. Also, selected units can MOVE towards middle-button click points, if you PRESS HOME and click while selected units, units really do change their “base” there, bringing all plants to the new spot you determined.

Factions of animals attack each other, /data/maps/1.txt file is cfg in this way: Felines VS Canines VS Simians VS Mouse & there is also a human SAMURAI yes. (lol)

SAVEGAMES along with full documentation of how to customize 1.txt map file will come together with all binaries. This HTML5 version in no way resembles the performance of each native binary.

WARNING: this is HTML5 version below, will not work as good as native binaries. Smartphones does not seem to render well the HTML5 version, it is actually only a DEMO wait for native binaries for your platform I’m soon testing & releasing at least for Windows, Linux, iOS, MacOS and Android.

Welcome to my generic multiplatform 2d engine!

RELEASED VENTURA version 0a BINARIES for Linux x86_64!
PRESS SPACE BAR TO STOP AUTO-Zoom. ENTER readjust camera, press several times at will.

Get in touch always via

– –

Welcome to my latest MONKEY-X general ENGINE 2dStuff Simulator!

– –
Monkey-X PRO v87a is the latest and maybe last version of the language made by Mark Sybli, I have my great great special thanks to Michael Hartlef, who has been into game development for a long long time, starting in 1984, year I was born, picture this,
at the early age of 18, with this great hobby called developing computer games, on the
Commodore C64. After developing for this machine, he has worked on most other well-known
computers, such as the Amiga 1000 and 500, the Atari 1024 STFm, and of course various PCs.
These days it is mostly his iMac that he uses.
Over the years, he has become very knowledgeable about general and specific concepts
for developing games and has worked on a large range of game development tools/
programming languages, such as thinBasic, Delphi, 3D GameStudio, Blitz3D, BlitzMax,
DarkBasic Pro, App Game Kit (AGK), Corona SDK, and of course, Monkey! Besides working on
games, Michael has developed various add-ons for tools such as command library extensions
and programming editors.
” – from his great Beginners guide to Monkey(X) Game Development book

I also *MUST* thank D. Ritchie for creating the C computer language, which is my true favorite, and I made another engine in ANSI C + SDL ‘bout ten years ago that run ok both on Windows and Linux. I’m into multiplatform shit. It’s the future. LoL


– – click BLACK title screen BEGINS simulation of jungle

ENTER key – important – and arrows, focus/scroll camera

* TO ZOOM in/out click bottom left corner of canvas
* TO DRY/rainmake click top right corner of canvas
* you can select multiple createures, use middle mouse button to order’em to move somewhere. If you press TAB select all living creatures.
* SHIFT/CTRL (one of those) may work for selection even of plants
* Key “i” is the inventory, Algibeira, where you can Spawn Specialz[] creatures defined in cfg g17 script .txt
* key HOME sets, when unit selected, point clicked as his “home”. Every time he grabs a vegetable he runs home trying to carry it, and returns home, in the event of dropping. It gets things on its way every time, but when set to GOHOME he acts with this goal; to reach this point (which is generated via cfg file in a random interval X and Y defining per unit on Grimoire[]

– NOTICE: you can move everything by dragging. also there is a “hidden terrain tool” near the top right corner of screen. clicking will change cursor and u can RAISE TERRAIN TO MAXIMUM. it triggers on/off every time u make rain
* water causes erosion on terrain; u can make cool topographshitz
* there is day/night cycle with some shadows
* water might kill creatures. Plants die if they reach MIDDAY without water.
* there is corpses and there is a corpse collector. it runs on MIDDAY
* at MIDNIGHT all creatures get experience

The left corner shows seleccted objects with some stats.

source-code is here: /Mico.monkey

*fix scroll sensivity, put some regular buttons
*tutorial level

Click HERE for fullscreen